TUTORIAL STUDY- the best tuition point for school kids

CLASSES 1 TO 10 CBSE/STATE syllabus the best tuition for school going kids

1 to 10social science, science, mathematic, languages…..
(how many subjects child have in school study all of them)
we will teach all subjects for school going children only in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. This is the best tuition point to improve child talent and his skills better than previous action. As much as possible our teachers will guide the child in the right path and continue to educate them.


If you have a thinking mind ,you will have the ability to receive i


Man is by nature asocial animal said by- ARISTOTLE…according to this , whatever happens in a man’s life is related to him. Social science is all about the conflict between birth and death because man is born into relationship with society and that connection lasts as long as man lives .In our tutorial study we need to teach social science meaningfully and live .It is an important subject in the school subject because it is a part of every day event as well as every movement that takes place on earth ,change in the universe, change in society .


Mathematics is the very important subject to go farther educations in higher studies and that is the most important subject to improving mind sharping.


science is the most important subject for school going children ,now a days most of the teenagers they will choose science subject is the main subject in their higher education so children easily catch the theme of science topics at the primary education level. science create lot off knowledge on universe, environment protection, protect ground water levels, space, liquids ,acids and forest protection …..


languages improving their local communication in their society when the child improve their local language , automatically will understand second and third languages.