Distribute the knowledge where will you find in teaching

Focused key roll in teaching

  1. Child learning in early primary
  2. How school going children learn
  3. Take some precautions for primary and higher sections students
  4. Multiple way for learning
  5. learning for primary, upper primary and higher sections
  6. well teaching staff always they have eagle eye objervation
  7. create concentration on studies
  8. will take out off text books, show the world what’s going on
  9. Carring of the child well improvement in education
  10. Practical wise teaching

Analysis of the child study

Every child is different we comparing with another one .In children we see two differences that are Inter individual differences and Inner individual differences so both are common in each kid. Our tutorial study will focus on individual ones in all subjects. we already discussed no one child is not same like some kids study by see , some children study by listening ,some are learn by doing so children are different experience in their learning then we have to identify where they have interest choose that one and follow it.

Individual differences:

Individual differences means some differences in the child that are he can study well but he can’t remember long time so these type of children will face some strugles that are creating lack of interest on studies so at first in the begining identify this junk and will try to remove it.

Inter individual differences:

This is different from individual differences because individual differences are inside of the child but inter individual difference is between two children. we take an example like one child singing very well but another one dancing very well which means no one child isn’t same.